Wishes for good health of our dear one's 
has never been so relevant post the Pandemic! 

Fembuddy is excited to bring you the IDEAL 
Gifting option for Family & Friends
for the NEW YEAR - 2021
from Fembuddy
Gifting Wellness
  • Initiates reversal of  Hormonal imbalance related disorders over a period of time
  • Enhanced Energy Level
  • Starts reversal of  Weight/Metabolic issues 
+ Way more!
Gut health has proven to be impacting our mental health. Mind Fog is one of the symptoms of compromised GUT
Enhanced Focus & Ability to Handle Challenges 
Helps relieve symptoms like Bloating, Chronic Headaches,Constipation & Improves bowel Movement. Which in-turn improves energy levels
Improved Digestion & 
Energy Levels
Improves ability to 
resist sickness. Addresses inflammations in the body and thus reduces pain in the body  health 
Better Immunity, Reduced Pains & Inflammations
Program Includes

 2 days of Preparation [ Preparatory Guide provided] 
 3 days of Gut Detox -- Meal Plan & Recipes 
 3 days of Gut Heal - Meal Plan & Recipes 
 2 days of Gut Nourish & Enhance Gut Biome- Meal Plan & Recipes
 Daily Yoga Practice Video & Audio modules
Regular, Chat and Call support during the program
PLUS  Meal Protocol - "When & What to Eat" for your Gut Type to Maintain a Healthy Gut Post Cleansing.

BONUS Included 
   * E-Book on "Analysing Your Gut Health"
   * Home remedies for common symptoms during the Detox phase.

HealMyGut with Food & Yoga 
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Wellness 2021 - 1 Pack
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Wellness 2021- 5 pack
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Wellness 2021- 10 pack
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